How many countries have you visited & lived?

Lived in Finland and Mexico. Traveled Colombia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, India, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United States.

What got you into photography?

Back in 2009, While walking in New York, I stumbled in front of this gallery full of these weird squared, blurry and grainy photographs that made a huge impact on me. Later I found out they were shot with an old 120mm Russian camera from the 80's. I made it my first camera and I knew nothing about film or photography.

What do you think Drone photography has added to your style?

I've been experimenting with photography ever since I started doing it. I used to shoot only film until I realized digital was another tool, not an enemy. Now with Drone photography I have managed to satisfy my love for symmetry, shapes and textures every single place I go.


What motivates you to go out and shoot?

My mind thinks in frames all the time, as I’ve found myself shooting photos without even holding a camera. Probably all of this is inspired by my bad memory and finally having a way to keep these images that otherwise would slip my mind pretty fast.

Where are you from and where do you live now? Has your work as a photographer played a role in where you currently reside?

I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico, currently living there. I also consider Finland my second home as I seasonally live there. Being able to return and live in both of these places, makes me have always foreign eyes everywhere I find myself living.


What is your advice for someone wanting to become a better photographer or who has just picked up a camera for the first time?

Carry always a camera with you. Get closer, don’t think and be fast. Never forget: The camera doesn’t make the photography, you do.

In your own words, describe your unique style of photography.

I love film photography and that’s reflected even in my high tech but low definition style. They beauty in the blur, burned film, real moments. I shoot with old broken cameras that I “fix” or more like make them shoot no matter how broken they are, still like when they damage the film in their unique way. Still when I shoot with Drone, I visualize the way I would shoot with my film gear.