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Where are you from and where do you live now? Has your work as a photographer played a role in where you currently reside?

I am from Mannheim, Germany, currently living in Kaikoura, New Zealand. After finishing my apprenticeship in early 2015, I decided to start traveling. I spent more than 5 months traveling through New Zealand and the US. I recently decided to go back down under to find a job for a couple months and explore the beautiful country some more.

What motivates you to go out and shoot?

I see photography as a great blessing that has taken me to places I would have never seen and made me meet people that I would have never met if I wasn’t into photography. It is those experiences, that make me go out and shoot! When I sometimes look on some of my pictures, I can’t believe where photography has brought me. Just as other photographers motivate and inspire me to go out and shoot, I would like to be a motivation for other people to experience what I've experienced.

Do you feel that the emergence of apps like Instagram and Facebook has contributed to your growth as a professional?

Oh definitely! I think especially Instagram hast contributed quiet much! For me it is not only a platform to share my photographs, I also use it as a source of inspiration! I also appreciate the opportunity to use Instagram to connect with other people. 


What is your advice for someone wanting to become a better photographer or who has just picked up a camera for the first time?

I guess in the end it is just taking your camera and shoot as often as possible. 

I took two photography classes, when I started. I think what I learned there was nothing I couldn’t have taught myself and in addition it costed quiet some money, that I maybe could have been invested otherwise. I would say going out, shooting and hanging out with other photographers was, what my photography benefited the most of.

Felix Hohagen Coit Tower

Do you shoot full time? If not, what else do you do for work?

I shoot part-time and currently work in Kaikoura on the South Island of New Zealand as a front of house in a small Café. 

Please follow Felix on Instagram @felografie & www.felixhohagen.de/