Saul Cavillo

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Where are you from and where do you live now? Has your work as photographer played a role in where you currently reside?

I’m originally from San Diego but now live in San Francisco where I’m currently working on my BA in Studio Art. My work has definitely been influenced by living in San Francisco. It is such a small city but has so many hidden nooks and crannies that transport you to other worlds. It’s inspired me to walk everywhere and to explore as much as possible in my daily life. It’s the only way I find those special spots and moments that I capture with my camera.

In your own words, describe your unique style of photography.

My style of photography is primarily distorting perspective and reality. I love feeding into the imagination, and I want to do that with my work by displaying moments that seem out of Alice in Wonderland. Seeing the world through rose colored glasses is better than peering through the cell bars of reality.

What motivates you to go out and shoot?

So many things. I could honestly write an endless list. However, I suppose the number one thing that motivates me is myself. I don’t do this professionally (yet) so going out and shooting has honestly been primarily for my own gratification and desire to express something I am dreaming or thinking about. Often times I go out and shoot when I’m feeling very depressed or stressed. Being able to take a photo and choosing what I want to depict within that little rectangular window makes me feel so powerful. It’s that power that reinvigorates me, vaporizes the sadness, and reminds me that I am the only one that can see the world the way that I do. That is one way I have found purpose in this world.

What is your advice for someone wanting to become a better photographer or who has just picked up a camera for the first time?

My bit of advice would be that fancy equipment and quality should never be priority, especially as a beginner. I’ve taken some of my photos with just a cheap point and shoot or an iphone. While proper equipment is important, I think the first thing a photographer needs to do is discover what it is they want to capture and share with the world. Also, don’t be afraid of taking risks or failing! It is the only way to truly stay humble and grow as a creator and visionary.


Saul Calvillo

What got you into photography?

 I think what ultimately got me into taking photography was a desire to try something other than drawing. I needed another outlet that gave quicker gratification and more three dimensionality. There was also a photographer I followed on Myspace named Lucas Klein who really sparked the beginning of my love of photography. As a teenager, I was awful at conveying how I felt. Yet his photos depicted exactly what I was feeling with his use of distortion and color. Then, I started shooting and photography became my voice.

Name a photographer that you look up to. What is it about their work that you inspires you?

I look up to so many photographers and many of them have influenced my style and perspective. There are three that have been my primary inspirations as of late: Easton Schirra, Nicholas Scarpinato, and Kyle J Thompson. Each one of them has such an incredible view of the world that really stirs my emotions and imagination. I always look at their work when I am feeling uninspired or in need of beautiful imagery in my mind. I always recommend them to fellow photographers and creators