Lower Park

Lower Park hats are made with hand-sourced textiles from different countries around the world.  We promote travel and internationality through limited edition products with worldwide backgrounds. Our hats are made through an artisanal process, they are high quality and made with an appreciation for unique, rare designs. 

Hand sourced designs from  Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, México, Morocco, Nepal, Spain, Syria, Turkey & the United States. We buy our materials from people who either hand make the textiles or local distributors.  We support many small business around the world. Our hats are made through an artisanal process in Guadalajara, México by a small group of talented and well payed individuals. 

Check out our soundcloud to hear worldwide mixes and field recordings from our travels. 

Lower Park featured in a new music video from our pals Francisco y Madero titled "Juventud en éxtasis". They're a due split between Guadalajara, Jalisco & San Francisco, California. Follow them https://soundcloud.com/franciscoymadero